Creating sounds from useless

I was producing some dubstep, when I thought, why don’t I try and pitch some weird sounds I recorded with the rappers? So, having tried to do it by myself and failed, I went to youtube, found a tutorial, and was able to do it straight away. But then I realised that pitching a sound is actually the same as sampling. So then I chopped up a guitar track I’d recorded, did the same process and created a melody that sounded very unique and different, because of its unnatural perfection. Then I tried this with some synth sounds I had in audio, and got an unbelievably professional result that sounded almost like “Kill the noise”.

And by just using this simple technique, in a couple or more audio tracks I had in this song, it changed the songs vibe completely, mainly because it’s very easy to fit into the songs tempo, because your exporting the audio into midi, and you’re losing the imprecision factor that audio carries, and as well your pitching the sounds, which rescues something that you might find stupid or useless, and makes it a very original sound that could be improved with some effects.

How to do it in logic pro 9? It’s as simple as a right click in the chunk of audio you want to sample, and a click on “convert to sampler track”. Once you’ve done this, another track will appear with logics sampler and the sound will be loaded on it. Then to be able to pitch it, click on edit, which is on the top right corner of the sampler, some piano keys will appear and on top of them a little grey square. So you just stretch it to whatever range you want, and that’s it, time to experiment and seek originality.

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