Born in Harrogate in 1997 and raised in the depths of Southern Spain (yes, he has an English and a Spanish passport. Bloody Brexit…), Thomas knew at the tender age of 10 that music and the guitar were the only two things worth pursuing and living for. Practising the guitar and writing and recording for up to 8 hours a day, in the long Spanish summers after school had finished, Thomas was cutting his teeth in the local music whilst going viral on youtube with his guitar solo videos. His most popular one currently on more than 330k views. 

At the age of 17, it was time to move on to bigger and better things, so Thomas auditioned for Berklee college of Music. The auditioners were so impressed by his performance that they couldn’t bring themselves to stop the performance mid-way as they do with most auditions, so they waited in awe for the end of the performance and clapped at the end of it. Thomas was accepted and awarded 2 scholarships to attend Berklee College of Music. 

Upon arriving to Berklee, Thomas was ranked a 5/7 on musicianship and playing skills, which is rare for a first-year student, as that is the level expected from students in their final year. Coincidentally, Thomas did a guitar exam in which in the legendary guitar teacher Tomo Fujita, famous for mentoring John Mayer, was present and after playing the guitar piece he had prepared, Tomo said “if you can play like that, why didn’t you learn your scales!”.  

Thomas decided to move to London after one year at Berklee. A year in which he had amassed tones of experience and created some staggering music which would help him in the years to come.  

Shortly after arriving in London Thomas joined, We-Are-Z, a French/British pop rock band known for their flashy theatrical style and performances. He toured the UK with them and kept in touch with bass player/producer and session musician Marc Arciero (James Morrison, Patricia Kash, The Waterboys…), with whom he worked extensively after We-Are-Z disbanded.  

Soon after We-Are-Z, Thomas would go on to work with singer-songwriter Billy Bibby, an original member of Catfish And The Bottlemen who co-wrote all the songs on “The Balcony”. After extensive touring and writing they got signed, but Thomas had decided that it was time to leave the band and start his own.  

Straight after the pandemic, Thomas launched his band “Bite of Karma,” the culmination of a long-term plan in which his truly original style of rock music comes to life in the form of hard-hitting indie/alternative rock anthems. Thomas always has an ace up his sleeve, so he waited for the perfect time to launch the band as he observed and gathered experience and information of the music industry. 

The band has been active for less than a year, but it has already had a great reception both live and online, with their latest music video “Floating” Amassing over 90k views on Facebook and 20k views on Instagram as well as being added to several playlists on Spotify.  

Whilst Thomas is highly active in the original music world; he is also very active in the corporate/function world. Performing at events held in prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert, Grosvenor House, The Hilton Hotel… with different corporate bands. He has also been touring the world with “The Stevie Wonder Story,” the greatest Stevie Wonder show on earth, having recently completed a tour of Australia, playing in some of the most prestigious venues in the country. 

Thomas is a hardworking, relentless, inventive and musical, creator and collaborator. As well as an excellent performer.  

Available for both live and studio sessions.  

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