This is a track that I co-wrote and recorded with the legendary Geoff Dugmore on the drums, whose list of credits includes Brian May, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks and more, as you can see on his wikipedia page. And Marc Arciero on bass a great friend of mine and a regular collaborator (who you’ll hear on other recordings on this page too), whose list of credits isn’t too shabby either, Beyonce, Pharrel Williams, James Morrison…  

The track was inspired by 70s rock sounds and riffs and were made with syncing opportunities in mind. This particular track is my favourite out of 3 that we recorded.  

This track was co-written and performed by Marc Arciero on bass and the amazing multi-instrumentalist Casper Miles, who was playing drums. Casper regularly collaborates with different bands and musicians from the London scene including the likes of Enny, Stepbrother and Petsemeraty, amongst others.  

It is part of a series of instrumentals I worked on with Marc, in which the idea was to create off-kilter backing tracks with some serious playing and a unique blend of live instruments and electronic elements. 

This is an instrumental pop production I did myself on Logic Pro. I am extremely proud of how it came out and I believe it really shows the very best of not only my songwriting skills but also my production skills.  

Bite of Karma is a band I started at the end of 2019 and it is currently my main original project. It is where I get to express myself to fullest through loud and powerful guitars and hard-hitting groovy drums. As much as I love pop, my passion will forever be for rock music and this project is where I get to channel my inner Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell and Josh Homme. I am the main writer in the band and I also play lead guitar. 

I was also part HAiG, which is lead by Billy Bibby, founding member of Catfish And The Bottlemen. Still to this day one of the best songwriters I’ve ever worked with. I had the privilege of collaborating with him and playing lead guitar on HAiG’s first EP.  

Batu Malang could be described as unhinged noise-punk written and performed by music students with a weird sense of humour. There is some pretty wild stuff going on, which I still can’t explain, but it’s worth every second of your listening time. 

I started the band when I was attending Berklee College of Music. It features Louis Giannamore, who is currently touring with Gang of Youths, and to this day, one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with, Jack Wetmore of Model/Actriz and Daxa on vocals.  

This is a track by Susie Webb, that I was hired to play on. It features some amazing musicians, such as Al Murray (yes the pub landord himself!), HOTEI who wrote the theme tune for the Tarantino movie Kill Bill.

Before I left Spain, I did some work for the Spanish band 5Planes. A pop/rock project inspired by Spanish bands such as “El Canto del Loco” and “Lori Meyers”.  

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