What am I doing?

Ok, so it’s summer now, I’ve finished school, and now is when I take control and do what the hell I want. What the hell do I want to do? Music. And that’s what I’m doing. Let me put you up to date with the things I’m doing.

First of all, Black Diamonds. My three year old band, that’s been on pause for quite a while now, basically because Nacho (bass player), Jorge (guitar player), and I have been spent most of our time studying and doing school work, because these are pretty decisive school years, in my case and Nacho’s, the pre-baccalaureate year, and in Jorge’s case the last year of school, before university. But that’s all done, and everyone’s relaxed and happy. So now it’s time for a Black Diamonds comeback. So we will by writing new music, and playing some gigs soon. You can expect some studio recordings as well.

Secondly, I’m in a new band that my brother started, with a keyboard player and an amazing singer that he met at his graduation. (My brother plays drums), and it basically started, because the women that organises arts and cultural events in my town told him that she will be organising some gigs in the summer, so my brother thought that it would be cool if he started a new band with the keyboard and singer he just met. So I’m the guitarist for that band, and it’s cool because were playing music that I haven’t played before, like soul music, funky stuff, and were even going to try some techno music, now that there is a keyboard player in the band. And I will try some guitar synthesized sounds as well. It should be really interesting, and I’m excited about trying out new stuff.

I’m going to be involved in production as well, as I just started a rap group with some friends that would like to send a message to society. It’s going to be quite an experience, because producing rap music is quite time consuming, and it’s quite difficult to get nice sounding low frequencies. But I enjoy producing, rap and dubstep.

And the last project I’m in is “El Secreto De La Mermelada”, which is Oscar’s first solo project in which I’m the rhythm guitarist. Oscar is my good old friend, that taught me everything about the guitar, and has a very cool website where you can download his music www.oscarespin.com. So basically, next month I’ll be in the studio laying down some guitar tracks, for his new album. Expect more music and news from this project, because this is just the beginning.

This and more, is what my summer is going to have going on, so let there be rock.

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