Tommy – The Who + Improvisation | Response to Paul Gilbert

I’ve signed up to a website called artistworks were you get exclusive guitar lessons. These lessons are from artist like Martin Taylor for the finger style course, or Nathan East for the bass course. There is also a rock course and Paul Gilbert is in charge of it. But not only you get access to exclusive videos, you can also do this thing called, video exchange, were you can send Paul a video with a question and he will answer back. I’ve already done this and I got an amazing answer with a very enthusiastic Paul that you could notice that was trying very hard to teach me as many things as he could. One of the things he wanted me to do was to play over the backing track he thought was the most convenient for my question, which was if there’s more to music theory than just analysing scales and chords. His response was that yes there is more to music theory, and that that more is guitar-playing styles. So that’s why he chose the end of “Tommy” from the Who’s rock opera because of Pete Townsend’s performance and because music theory showed us how to improvise over the backing track.

So this video is the introduction to my second video for Paul, where I demonstrate what I’ve learnt. I’ll let you know what he replies!

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