My first ever jam session

My first blues jam.

Next year is going to be a year full of jam sessions because the plan is to play live, meet new people, and maybe get in a band.

Having said that, my first ever jam session happened to be a blues one (An Eric Clapton tribute). I didn’t know what to expect because the jam took place in a mini disco that was full of adults none of which I knew. So them lending a guitar to a 16 year old kid they’d never seen play before, I guess they were a bit unsure to start with, as they wouldn’t know what to expect.

I got lucky though, and it turned out that I did actually know one of the band’s guitarists, and I’ve actually played at his house. So when the jam started I went straight to him, said hello, got his guitar and started jamming with whoever was on stage.

Because the other guitarist and I weren’t adults, the crowd were a bit apprehensive, but we could both play pretty well and as we got going the crowd calmed down and started enjoying what they heard.

I did my solo and got a good cheer out of the crowd which was the highlight of the night foe me. I also played the drums and lots more guitar. And then to top it off I played the drums with the Tribute Band because the drummer was outside smoking. I played Clapton’s Cocaine, which was nice because I knew the song and the structure is very simple.

So overall it wasn’t bad for a first time!

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