New studio toys

Here they are, my two new microphones! That came with a story.

So I’ve just bought an 8 channel soundcard, a Presonus Firestudio Project, and I decided to look for some mics just in case there were any cheap ones and I could start collecting them to get a better sound out of the drums, guitars, vocals… I found the SM57 in a facebook musical instrument sale group, and the guy that was selling it lived in Granada, which was quite handy, and was the first coincidence that led to more and even funnier coincidences. I sent him a message and checked his profile to find that he was also selling a AKG C2000B. To my amazement he replied asking if I was Oscar’s student which was another amazing coincidence because he’d known Oscar for donkeys years and he used to work at the shop where I bought my Ibanez, and last but not least, he saw me play at the Teatro Isabel la Catolica. So it was a nice position for a negotiation that endend up with the guy selling us the mics for a really good price.

After the deal was sealed we met in front of the Teatro Isabel la Catolica, and he explained to me every single detail he thought I needed to know about the mics, (you could obviously see that he used to work at a music shop). I happily shook his hand, got home, placed them in front of my amp, and started recording a video for Paul Gilbert! My guitar has never sounded so good!

Massive thanks to Pedro Sillero (Servicio de reparacion y ajuste de instrumentos).

Mics for web

All set to get some videos going.

Set up for web

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