I’ve recorded some guitar for the band’s demo C.D.


My band got selected, (before I was in the band) amongst many other bands, by some students that have to record a band as part of their course at University. The studios in which we recorded, are part of the school and they were pretty neat. I took all my gear of course!

I used my new Gretsch together with my TC Electronics reverb, Boss Dimension Expander, Boss Compression and my Black Star amp. The students used three microphones, 2 SM 57’s, one at the front and one at back (which was a bit weird), and another shure Tom Mic next to the SM 57 that was at the front of the amp (I don’t know what model it was). I recorded three songs, one of which I recorded in one take. I didn’t know the structure of the songs by heart, because I’ve only being in the band for a couple of weeks, but I wrote down the structures, and I recorded all my guitar parts quickly and calmly.

Another studio experience, and it might end up in some gigs. Let’s see what happens. The band members are a bit lazy and unorganised, but at least I get to play some music in a group instead of solo.

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