Another new band

Yes, this time it’s a Spanish pop-rock band.

I was checking Facebook out when suddenly I received a message from some guy saying  “we need a guitarist if you’re interested or you know someone”. I did not have a clue about who he was or why he was my friend on Facebook, but it was a bit shocking as this message came out of nowhere. I replied asking him about their objectives as a band and the sort of music they played, and their objectives were to record some original music in one of the best studios in Granada and then just gig and try and make a living out of music. It sounded pretty straightforward and I had a look at this guy’s Facebook profile and I saw that his previous band had recorded some pretty well produced music, had a couple of well done music videos and appeared on a regional TV channel promoting their first gig, so I saw that he’d been through some stuff. I accepted his request to then get told that his band rehearsed in a studio in town that looked quite cool and even recorded on tape. It was all looking good.

The following Sunday we met and as soon as I did a solo they all high fived me and looked quite chuffed. I didn’t know the songs at all, in fact it was the first time I had heard them, but I just followed the rhythm guitarist and got on with it. They didn’t seem very worried about me not knowing their songs either so it was ok.

By the end of that night I was part of a band. All the members are very relaxed nice people with good ambitions, so the audition process wasn’t hard in any way but quite the opposite; it was a very pleasant little audition.

Right now we’re still getting some songs going but you can submit your email here to get the latest updates!

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