5 Planes rehearsals

5 Planes, that’s what we’ve named this band I got into a few weeks back, (which is a nice little pun if you know Spanish and English, “planes” means plans in Spanish). We’ve been rehearsing quite a lot and we have 5 songs sounding good. We’ve also been working on a logo, social media and a website and it’s all coming along nicely.

This process was fun but as time went by it all got repetitive because we kept playing the same 5 five songs over and over again. I tried to slip in a few covers and riff ideas and mentioned the idea of maybe playing live but they wouldn’t take it. In the end the decision was made that we would go into the studio and record all the songs we’d been rehearsing for 2 months.

I wasn’t too fond of this idea mainly because it involved a lot of money and I just disagreed with  the bands opinion on trying to make it. Instead of going into the studio I would have focused on playing live to try to get a following going and save some money to then invest it in recording the songs. They also chose to record these songs in the most expensive studio in the city…

So that’s what’s been going down for the last few weeks, I’ve also been recording a few original songs in my studio and I’m even thinking about getting an EP of my own music together. It’s all good fun and practise, we’ll see what happens.

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