Music piece for the Six String Theory competition


This video, together with my last post are the videos I’ve submitted to the Six String Theory competition.

The story about how I got know about this competition isn’t very exciting but it’s still quite cool. Basically I was just having a look at Facebook on my Ipod lying in the sofa when I bumped into a post from Guthrie Govan’s official Facebook page, and this post was about him letting everyone know about how honourd and happy he is to be one of this year’s Six String Theory competition judges. Obviously I had to take a look and see what this competition was about, because if Guthrie Govan is judgind it, it must have some relevance of some sort. I had a look and not only Guthrie was a judge, Joe satriani, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Lukather, Andy Mckee, John Scofield, Lee Ritenour, Keb Mo… So with my eyes wide open I read the entrance requirements and the age limit was 16, which was good because it meant that I could participate, but the best was still to come.

The value of the prices added up to the incredible amount of 600.000 dollars and to be taken into consideration for a full Berklee scholarship!

Also a Yamaha endorsement, a record deal, exclusive lessons with Lee Ritenour (who started the whole idea), playing with Lee Ritenour at the Montreaux festival, and more crazy things that you can have a look on the website.

Without thinking about twice the following weekend I called Oscar and my uncle (drummer) and we recorded the song that’s on this post, and on that same weekend I recorded the Sunny improv.

When the time came to submit the videos I realised, while filling out the application form, that I could tick a box that said “Berklee scholarship” which got me really excited because I don’t necessarily need to win the competition to get a scholarship for the university I’m dying to go to.

All in all, if I get a scholarship for Berklee I’ll invite Guthrie Govan for lunch one day.

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