I joined a band!

I joined a band!

Funnily enough it was at a jazz jam session where a guy was looking for a guitar player for his jazz rock band. It was a nice way to end the night because I hadn’t really had a good session. I gave the guy my email and was pretty excited about it because he told me that they were young musicians making a living from music.

After 15 days I got an email from him and we organised a rehearsal at his house. The first impression wasn’t very good. As soon as we started talking while waiting for the rest of the band to arrive, he told me that he had dropped out of university in his last year, and he was also living with his parents. Then we went down to the rehearsal place and it was okay, then the rest of the band members arrived (guitarist and drummer) and that’s when the guitarist told me they wanted to make a living out of music. So what the other guy had told me wasn’t really true, but I didn’t care because at least I’d get to play music with new people.

That day was pretty intense, I was there all day and I learnt almost all of their songs. I left the house being the new member of the band!

I’m really looking forward to this band because they’re not bad musicians and they are also 23, 24 and 27 years old, but they still wanted me in the band even though I’m only 16, which is a good sign. The next rehearsal will be in my studio, and that will be a better rehearsal, because the guy’s rehearsal place was just the basement of the house, and it did not sound good at all.

They’re also dying to start playing live, and they were even talking about moving to a different country to try and make it in the music industry.

Let’s see how it pans out.

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