Zaidin Rock Festival

The Banda Increible is back! Oscar Espin got the gang together plus some special guests, and rehearsals at Hill studios were on. This time it was a very special occasion because we were on the bill for the Zaidin Rock festival in Granada, which apparently is the oldest rock festival in Europe according to Oscar (pretty cool if I may say so myself).

This time round we have a new bass player and a bunch of singers, one of which is the lead singer of Fausto Taranto, an up and coming Flamenco/Metal band whose members were in another really successful Rap/Metal band called Hora Zulu which is pretty cool.

For this gig we played a few new songs with all the different singers, so we rehearsed for a month or so and on the 30th of September it was game time.

We were the opening band so we were the last band to sound check and the first one to play. We played a 35-minute set and it was cool to perform on such a big stage, it was also the first time I played my strat at a gig. It was a nice experience and a good memory to keep.

This was also my last gig for a while as I started my last year of school and more importantly, I would be auditioning to go to Berklee college of music.

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