Guitar Lessons

I’m Thomas Hill, a professional guitarist/songwriter, born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 1997 and brought up in Granada, Spain. I Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2015 and was rated 6 out of a possible 7 on my playing skills at the initial level test.

You can see my audition piece here, Waves by Guthrie Govan.

I’ve been teaching for a year now with all my students being very happy about how they’ve improved very quickly and reached the goals that they were after in a short amount of time. All my lessons are completely personalised to suit the students needs, and all my focus is on getting to the students goals in the most effective way possible, whilst still enjoying playing and creating music.

Not only do I teach guitar but I can also teach bass, drums and production at any level. I also make sure that my students learn about musicianship and how to interact with other musicians in a performance scenario.

I’ve been playing for many years now and I’ve gathered a lot of experience, having played in the UK, US and Spain. I’m a very versatile player I can teach many styles of music, from jazz, latin and funk to metal, rock and blues.

I can teach technique, harmony, ear training, improvisation and any aspect you might feel you need to improve in your playing. We can also go over the Berklee curriculum and I can teach you and advise you just like they do at Berklee.

I can also help you prepare for Berklee’s audition if you’re thinking about applying.

Also, I’m half Spanish, so we can do the lessons in Spanish and learn all the guitar terminology in Spanish.

Get in touch with me via social media, email or give me a call: 07761927896

And we can arrange a time and a place.

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