Óscar Espín Live from Teatro Isabel la Catolica

Well, the story starts with Óscar Espín. He was my guitar teacher, and the guy that pointed me in the right direction when I started playing. You should check out his website for more info about him.

Basically, Oscar decided that he was going to do his own music, and that he was going to write three albums: a classical music album, (which you can download from his website), an acoustic music album, (with songs played in the style of Andy Mckee, Jon Gomm and Eirk Mongrain), and a rock album.

The classical music album was finished, and he already had written some Andy Mckee style acoustic songs, some other acoustic songs that needed a band, and a couple of rock songs. It was April and Óscar decided that he would get the band together at the beginning of the summer to start recording the acoustic album. And it was also in April when the builders came to start building my music studio, so the decision was made that the band would rehearse in the studio when it was finished.

But then, Óscar called me at home, but I wasn’t there, so he explained to my Dad that he had got a gig in the Isabel La Católica theatre. When I got back, my dad came running down the stairs very excited and told me the story:

Óscar was searching the Internet for some gigs and found an association that promoted cultural events, such as music, dancing, etc. And what it did was rent places to put on these events. So just to see what happened, Óscar sent this association an email asking if he could play in the Manuel de Falla theatre, (which is next to the Alhambra) and they said no, but they did have a date available in the Isabel La Católica, the 6 of June.

When I got told this I couldn’t believe that I was going to be playing in the most important theatre in the whole province, and it certainly has been an experience that I will take with me to my grave. But I’ll write the rest of the story on another post.

Here are some photos of the concert.

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